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To Promote Health and Facilitate Healing


From clinical work to deep relaxation, Kye has your back.


Emerald Spring is at 573 Pine St. in Manchester, NH



573 Pine St. is on the corner of Pine & Harrison and has a large red awning over the front entrance. This is the entrance you should use.


There is a parking lot to the left of the building that you are welcome to use, or you may choose to park on the street in front of the door.



Upon entering the building through the front awning entrance, Emerald Spring is immediately to your left. If the office door is closed or if you do not see me, please have a seat in the hall until you're called in.



There is a marked, single-use bathroom down the hall to the right that you are welcome to use.



Unfortunately, due to age of the property and its design, the building is not wheelchair accessible. There are a few steps heading up to the door and the door to the bathroom is not wide enough to accommodate wheelchair entrance. My office itself is accessible once inside, so you may or may not be able to plan based on your particular needs & the space's limitations.

If you have any special needs regarding your comfort or health during the session, feel free to reach out. Kye has worked with a variety of clients with varying needs including those who may need to be accommodated for mental health issues and physical disability.

You will always be treated with compassion regarding your needs.

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