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Welcome to Your Health-Focused, Stress-Free Oasis

From Mobility & Pain Care to Deep Relaxation, 

Kye Has You Covered

Text Kye or Leave a Message at 207-200-4740

573 Pine St. 1st Floor Manchester, NH 03104

**Credit/debit card vaulting required for all appointments to ensure reservations are treated with courtesy**

About Emerald Spring

I am continually designing Emerald Spring to be a beautiful, stress-free oasis where clients can rest easy in the present.

Regardless of if you are coming in for pain management or deep relaxation, my high-end, cozy sanctuary from life welcomes you.

Gentle music is playing, the hot stones are warming, and the table heat is on; see you soon!

About the Therapist

I completed my initial training at the respected New Hampshire Institute for Therapeutic Arts in 2016.


My goal as a massage therapist has remained the same from the beginning: to bring relief and compassionate care to those enduring pain, stress, and anxiety using the most effective bodywork techniques available (and a bit of intuitive skill, too!).


I specialize in both clinical massage and spa-quality self-care. You can be assured every session will be uniquely tailored to your individual needs.

NH Lic. #7397


Kye Hall, LMT


Service Menu

Not everybody needs the same thing, and not every muscle does, either! This is why I don't label appointment types by technique; you will always get a session uniquely tailored to your specific needs. 


Massage Services

60/75/90 Minute Massage

Each session custom crafted according to our discussion & and my skilled intuition. Whether you have specific goals, just need to rest and reset, or some combination of the two, I have the skills & experience for a great session.


Stress Reset



75 minute massage session focused entirely on giving you the step back from life that you deserve! Includes hot towels, hot stones, sugar scrub, and optional aromatherapy.

All the goodness of the Stress Reset with extra time! 90 Minute Session.



ULTIMATE Stress Reset

30/45 Minute Massage




Easy-on-the-wallet massage sessions for specific-area focus on-the-go

Foot Spa & Reflexology Services

30/45/60 Minute Foot Reflexology

Looking for some fancy footwork? You're just in luck! I can work just your feet using a blend of modern knowledge with ancient techniques.


Ultimate Foot Therapy

60 minutes in heaven including reflexology-inspired foot & calf massage, mineral foot soak, and sugar or salt scrub



15 Minute Mineral Foot Soak

15 minutes with a heated foot soak including aromatherapy mineral bath. Add to any session at booking!




Your sessions are always personalized, personalize them a little more! Select your choice when you book!

Integrate Hot Stones

Add some hot stones to your massage for those tough spots that need a little extra warmth


Integrate Massage Cupping

Kye moves the cups as massage tools to soften your muscles more efficiently. Don't worry, you won't leave looking like you've been in a squid fight!


Sugar or Salt Scrub

For the hands OR feet, hands AND feet, or back & shoulders! Option to choose an aromatherapy scrub included.


Dry Brushing

Full-body dry brushing to exfoliate skin and promote circulation


Want to experience Emerald Spring for yourself?

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